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Can Dogs Eat It?

Ah, those puppy eyes.....looking at you longingly, hoping you’ll share a wee morsel....even a crumb. The temptation is great, but the food you’re enjoying may not be the best thing for man’s best friend.

Before you decide to share your meal or snack with Fido, you may want to check CanDogsEatIt.com. A web app designed to provide dog owners with quick and easy access to what human foods are safe for their dogs to eat.

Did you know that the consumption of toxic foods was the number one worldwide cause of poisoning in dogs?

In the US alone, the ASPCA revealed that the Animal Poison Control Center received 200,000 poisoning cases, of which almost one-fifth were from ingesting human foods.

Another study carried out by the Kennel Club in the UK found that during the past five years, 60,000 Dogs had been accidentally poisoned during the past five years, with around one-third being from toxic foods.

All digestive systems are not created equal. What is suitable for human consumption or may appear healthy to you may actually be harmful to dogs.

Is it safe?

The Can Dogs Eat It App contains over 2,000 food entries and fourteen food categories, including fruit and veg, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, grains, meat and offal, seafood, egg and dairy, human food, oils.

Can Dogs Eat It is backed by a dedicated team of experts who conduct thorough research to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the safety of human foods for dogs. Our team comprises veterinarians, academic researchers, canine nutritionists, dog breeders, and blog writers, who work together to ensure that our users have access to the most reliable and trustworthy information.

New additions and updates are continually added. To avoid a trip to the vet for food-related poisoning or a severely upset stomach (Fido’s, not yours), check what dogs can eat, what is toxic to dogs.....even suggestions for healthy dog snack recipes.

For information and answers at your fingertips, load the app onto your mobile home screen. Wherever you go, you can check whether or not you can indulge those pleading eyes.

Keeping your dog healthy and happy is important. The app is a great source of ongoing information and includes a blog providing up-to-date information and more in-depth knowledge on people foods and their effects on dogs.

The blog also addresses any inquiries dog owners may have regarding your dog’s diet, from choking hazards to sharing your sugary sweets.

Weekly articles include foods dogs can eat, their benefits and nutritional values, what to avoid, serving sizes, and general dietary suggestions. High fiber? Small or large amounts? Toxic or shareable? CanDogsEatIt will answer your questions.

Check the Can Dogs Eat It App BEFORE you indulge your dog with a treat from your dinner plate. It’s educational, an excellent source of advice, and will give you peace of mind to ensure your dog has a healthy and happy life.