Can dogs eat Collard greens?

can dogs eat collard greensCaution



Collard greens are packed with nutrients beneficial to dogs when given in moderate amounts. However, the vegetable contains isothiocyanates and calcium oxalate, which can cause certain health issues and worsen the health condition of dogs with gallbladder or kidney disease when consumed excessively.


  • Collard greens are rich in vitamins A and C as well as protein and minerals, which boost the dog's immune system and promote good health.
  • Collard greens contain antioxidants that protect against cell damage and inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer and diseases in dogs.


  • Collard greens are not toxic, but they contain isothiocyanates and calcium oxalate, which can cause kidney and bladder stones if consumed excessively.
  • The stems of the collard greens are hard for dogs to digest and may cause diarrhea when eaten in excess.
  • Regular consumption of large amounts of collard greens may lead to muscle weakness and respiratory paralysis in dogs.
  • Dogs with kidney or gallbladder problems or are prone to kidney stones or gallbladder stones should not be given collard greens.


  • Remove the stems and cut up the leaves. Boil or steam the collard greens until soft to make them easier for dogs to digest.
  • Serve no more than half a cup of collard greens (measured before cooking) to your dog occasionally.
  • Don't give collard greens to dogs with gallbladder or kidney issues.

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