Can dogs eat Astragalus?

can dogs eat astragalusYes



Can dogs eat astralagus? Yes, astralagus is brimming with health benefits for dogs. This Chinese herb can inhibit cancer progression since it has antitumor properties. Other good effects of the astralagus on dogs are its ability to ease respiratory problems, prevent heart diseases, and improve kidney functions.


  • Astragalus has antitumor properties, including the ability to inhibit cancer metastases (it prevents the spread of cancer cells throughout the body). It is one of the most important botanicals used to fight cancer.
  • Astragalus can improve the condition when it comes to lingering infections, especially respiratory infections and UTIs. It improves kidney circulation, normalizes heart function, stimulates T-cell activity, strengthens digestion, increases metabolic activity, and enhances DNA synthesis in the liver.
  • The safe subspecies that can be used on dogs is Astragalus membranaceous, which is also known as Huang Qi in Chinese. Astragalus membranaceous is used to remedy countless canine health problems, including kennel cough and heart diseases.


  • Astragalus may cause drug interactions or issues with existing conditions (such as autoimmune diseases).
  • Astralagus should not be used in cases of acute infections or fevers.


  • Using astragalus extract is the easiest way when feeding dogs. The recommended dosage is one drop of extract per pound weight of the animal, twice each day.
  • Alternatively, you can boil the dry astragalus roots when making chicken or bone broth and give your dog the broth to enjoy.
  • Do not give your dog astragalus if she is pregnant; always get professional advice from a holistic veterinarian before using a plant medicinally for your dog.

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