Can dogs have Oat straw?

can dog eat oat strawYes



Yes. Anxious dogs can benefit from taking oat straw. It acts as a sedative that can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress in dogs. It can also help improve their brain function. However, it should be given in moderation to prevent any adverse effects.


  • Oat straw is the dried leaves and stalks of the green oat plant. It contains nutrients that help increase the blood flow to the brain and improve a dog's brain function.
  • Oat straw also reduces anxiety and relieves stress in dogs. Oat straw tea is believed to have sedative effects.
  • Oat straw can also help with tremors, twitching, and epilepsy in dogs.


  • Excessive consumption of oat straw can lead to increased excitability or vomiting in dogs.


  • Oat straw is available in tincture, capsule, and powder form. Dried oat straw can also be used to make tea.
  • Brew one teaspoon of dried oat straw in 8 ounces of water. The recommended dosage is 2 to 4 ounces daily, depending on the size of the dog. Reduce the amount of excitability that occurs.
  • As there's no definite information on the long-term safety and risks of oat straw on dogs, make sure to give in small amounts or as directed by the vet.

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