Can dogs eat Snow fungus?

can dogs eat snow fungusCaution



Can dogs eat snow fungus? Yes, snow fungus can be fed to dogs, but beware of its potential side effects. Eating too much of this mushroom can result in internal bleeding. Hence, snow fungus should only be given to your dog occasionally and in moderation.


  • Snow fungus, also known as Tremella, generates a hydration film that helps restore dry skin. It produces gelatinous basidiocarps that boosts skin hydration.
  • Snow fungus has anti-cancer and immune-boosting properties and improves the effectiveness of antibodies in dogs. It can also enhance the body's anti-tumor immunity.
  • Snow fungus can improve the liver's detoxification ability and protect dogs' liver function.
  • Tremella is rich in vitamin D, which encourages cell growth and helps dogs with wound healing.
  • It's also a rich source of fiber which promotes healthy digestion in dogs.


  • It has been reported that excessive consumption of snow fungus can cause internal bleeding in dogs.
  • Some low-quality dry snow fungus has residual sulfur dioxide. You can tell because it has a pungent smell. Sulfur dioxide will form sulfite when it meets water; it causes bronchospasm and cancer in dogs with long-term consumption.


  • Dried snow fungus must be soaked first before cooking. Cover the dried fungus with enough water until it doubles in size and turns semi-transparent.
  • Wash and trim the tremella mushroom of any hard parts on the underside.
  • Cook snow fungus by boiling it until the water thickens.
  • If you suspect that the tremella has residual sulfur dioxide, soak the fungus for 3 to 4 hours, changing the water every 1 hour during this period; this process can greatly reduce or even eliminate the residual sulfur dioxide.
  • Cut tremella into small pieces; the mushroom and the juice can be given to your dog in moderation.
  • The medicinal effect of tremella is slow; it takes long-term consumption to be effective.
  • Always get professional advice from a veterinarian before using a plant medicinally for your dog.

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