Can dogs eat Marijuana?

can dogs have marijuanaNo



Can dogs eat marijuana? No, marijuana contains enough THC to make it toxic to dogs. Canines can suffer from adverse reactions by simply inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke. Signs of marijuana toxicity in dogs to look out for are breathing difficulties, lack of energy, and seizures.


  • Marijuana is a Cannabis plant that contains >0.3% THC that is toxic to dogs.
  • Dogs are believed to be more susceptible to the effects of marijuana because they have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain than humans; however, they can still get affected.
  • Dogs can get agitated from marijuana by eating the plant's leaves or buds or consuming edible products laced with marijuana (cookies, brownies, gummies). Dogs can also get affected by inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke.
  • Ingesting 3g of marijuana per kg body weight can cause toxicity. Signs of toxicity in dogs include lethargy, excessive drooling, dilated pupils, tremors, loss of balance, difficulty breathing, and seizures.
  • In severe cases, marijuana poisoning can cause death in dogs when a large amount of marijuana is ingested.

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