Can dogs eat Antlers?

can dogs have antlersCaution


  • Antlers are natural chews for dogs; antlers don't splinter; they get gradually ground down by your dog's chewing.
  • They are safer chews for dogs than rawhide and last for a long time, and they are odor-free.
  • Like most chews, antlers are tough and help improve a dog's dental hygiene.
  • Antlers contain essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus. The small pieces coming off are digestible for dogs.


  • When the antler gets to a small size, it could become a choking hazard and may cause an intestinal blockage.


  • Avoid giving antlers to puppies under the age of 6 months to avoid damaging their puppy teeth.
  • Supervise your dog during chewing sessions.
  • Remove and safely discharge the antler when it gets to a size which potentially can be swallowed by your dog.

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