Can dogs eat Buffalo horns?

can dogs eat buffalo hornsCaution


  • Buffalo horns are a great, long-lasting treat for dogs that are under strict weight management.
  • Buffalo horns are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are important in keeping a dog's bones and muscles healthy.
  • Buffalo horns also promote good dental hygiene for dogs. They help remove tartar and plaque buildup. They are also effective in jaw muscle exercise.


  • Buffalo horns may be too hard for some dogs and cause chipped teeth. They are not suitable to be given to puppies and senior dogs.
  • Buffalo horns might splinter and cause mouth injuries if your dog is a heavy chewer.


  • Choose thick buffalo horns to avoid the chance of splinter.
  • Supervise your dog during chewing sessions.
  • Remove and safely discharge the horn when it gets to a size which potentially can be swallowed by your dog.

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