Can dogs eat Bull pizzle?

can dogs eat bull pizzleYes


  • Bull pizzle or bully sticks is a high-protein muscle that is tasty and highly digestible for dogs.
  • It is a natural source of taurine, which helps keep dogs' organs healthy and especially benefits cardiovascular health.
  • Bull pizzle sticks are great distractions for teething puppies.
  • They do not splinter easily, making them a safer chew. They are also perfect for the removal of plaque and for preventing gum disease.
  • Bully sticks have a long shelf life, some can stay fresh for 3 years.


  • Pick the right size chews for your dog to prevent choking.
  • When bull pizzle sticks have become too small, they may pose a choking hazard. Make sure to supervise your dog when giving them bull pizzles and discard them when the puzzle sticks become too small.


  • Air-dried bully sticks or braided bull pizzles are available off the shelf.
  • Bull pizzle sticks should be given to dogs in moderation; give no more than 1 bull pizzle stick per day to your dog.

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