Can dogs eat Rabbit ears?

can dogs eat rabbit earsYes



Can dogs eat rabbit ears? Yes, rabbit ears with fur are good for dogs’ dental and digestive health. However, keep pooches away from rabbit ears sourced from the wild. They are prone to tapeworm infestation, which is harmful to canines.


  • Dogs can eat rabbit ears with or without hair on.
  • Rabbit ears from pet shops are usually air-dried or freeze-dried. They contain protein, fat, ash, and moisture that are beneficial for a dog's overall health.
  • Rabbit ears also help with dental health. The fur on rabbit ears promotes digestive health.
  • Dehydrated rabbit ear chews can help in easing anxiety in dogs.
  • Rabbit ears are a good alternative chews for dogs that are allergic to common animal proteins.


  • Excessive consumption of rabbit ears may cause digestive issues, especially for dogs with a sensitive digestive system.
  • If your dog has eaten a rabbit he found in the wild, he might potentially get infected by tapeworms. You should take him to the vet; a deworming treatment may be given.


  • Rabbit ears should be given to dogs in moderation as an occasional treat, no more than 2-3 times a week.

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