Can dogs eat Cheddar cheese?

can dogs eat cheddar cheeseYes



Can dogs eat cheddar cheese? Yes, cheddar cheese is suitable for dogs, even lactose-intolerant ones, since it has low lactose content. When looking for cheddar cheese to share with dogs, avoid flavored ones. They often contain ingredients that are toxic to canines, including onions and garlic.


  • Cheddar cheese has lower lactose content than many other types of cheese. It is less likely to cause adverse side effects in dogs.
  • Significant amounts of calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin B12 can be found in cheddar cheese. These nutrients promote good liver and kidney function as well as proper bone growth in dogs.


  • Cheddar cheese has fairly high concentrations of saturated fat, which can cause weight gain and obesity when consumed excessively.
  • Too much cheddar cheese can increase sodium content in a dog’s body, leading to kidney problems.
  • Flavored cheddar cheese has added ingredients such as onions and garlic, which are toxic to dogs.
  • Shredded cheddar cheese often contains unhealthy ingredients for dogs, including corn starch and artificial additives.


  • Cheddar cheese makes a good high-value reward during training.
  • One or two small cubes of cheddar cheese can be given to dogs as an occasional treat.

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