Can dogs have Goat milk?

can dogs have goats milkYes


  • Goats milk has substantially higher levels of calcium than cow's milk. It also contains trace minerals, particularly copper and iron. Altogether they improve various organ functions in dogs, including the heart and immune system.
  • Drinking goat's milk increases the digestibility of magnesium and phosphorus in dogs.
  • Raw goat's milk offers plenty of prebiotics to dogs. Fermenting it further amplifies its natural prebiotic content.
  • Goats milk has smaller fat globules and only possesses A2 casein. These allow for easy digestion.


  • Goats milk contains just a little less lactose than cow’s milk and can set off dairy sensitivities in some dogs.
  • The fat content of goat's milk is considerably higher than cow's milk. Moreover, it is mostly saturated fats.
  • Raw goat milk is susceptible to harmful bacteria contamination and may cause food-borne illnesses in animals and humans.
  • Pasteurized goat milk has a lower risk of containing bacteria but is less digestible since the heating process destroys the lactase. It can cause stomach upset in dogs with sensitive digestive systems.


  • Goats milk should be given to dogs in moderation because of its high-fat content; give 2-8 oz/day depending on the dog's size.

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