Can dogs have Sheep milk?

can dogs have sheep milkYes


  • Sheep milk has significantly more protein and minerals compared to cow or goat's milk.
  • Sheep milk is also complete with all 10 essential amino acids, which are vital to keeping a dog’s various organ functions in good condition.
  • Sheep milk does contain casein. However, it mostly possesses A2 casein which is more digestible to dairy-sensitive dogs.
  • The fat globules of sheep milk are smaller compared to cow's milk. This allows higher lactose absorption, which in turn lowers the possibility of lactose intolerance occurrence in compromised dogs.


  • Although sheep milk has better digestibility than cow's milk, it still contains lactose. Dogs with lactose intolerance may still experience symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, and vomiting.
  • Sheep milk may trigger allergic reactions in dogs with dairy sensitivities and allergies.


  • Sheep milk should be given to dogs in moderation because of its high saturated fat content; give 2-8 oz/day depending on your dog's size.

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