Can dogs eat Parmesan?

can dogs eat parmesanCaution



Can dogs eat parmesan? Yes, parmesan is a healthier option for dogs compared to other cheese varieties. It has a low fat and lactose content which lowers the dangers of digestive issues and obesity. But feed parmesan to dogs in moderation as it is high in sodium.


  • Parmesan is packed with protein essential for normal hair growth, healthy skin, proper muscle development, and tissue repair.
  • Parmesan is relevantly low in fat compared with other cheese varieties.
  • As an aged cheese, parmesan has low concentrations of lactose. Most dogs with lactose intolerance will less likely experience negative reactions after consuming parmesan.


  • Excessive consumption of parmesan may lead to the development of kidney issues in dogs because of its high sodium content.
  • Other risks associated are the increase in blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and sodium toxicity.


  • Parmesan is not the healthiest option as a dog treat. However, if you want to share it with your dog, make sure you only give him a moderate amount.

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