Can dogs have Cardamom essential oil?

can dogs have cardamom essential oilYes



Yes, cardamom essential oil is safe for dogs and can be used to treat certain canine health issues, including anxiety and inappetence. However, administering it in excessive amounts is discouraged. Too much cardamom essential oil can cause digestive problems in dogs.


  • Cardamom essential oil is safe for dogs to ingest. It can normalize a dog's appetite, calm the stomach, and ease digestion.
  • This essential oil is a natural diuretic and has anti-bacterial properties. It is proven to help treat urinary tract infections. It is also a natural remedy for respiratory issues.
  • Cardamom essential oil is known to reduce anxiety and soothe nausea. It is a good remedy for dogs that feel nauseous on a long road trip.


  • Excessive consumption of cardamom essential oil can cause diarrhea and other health issues in dogs.


  • As a cough remedy, mix 3 drops to 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil with 2 drops of cardamom essential oil and add this mixture to the dog's meal once a day. To boost the immune system, do this once a week.
  • For diffuser use, mix 1 drop of cardamom essential oil with 120ml of water. Run the diffuser intermittently when used as a pet aid, 10 minutes at a time, give it 30 minutes to allow the air to clear after. Do not leave it on for extended periods.
  • For stomach aches and gas, blend 2 drops of cardamom essential oil with 30ml of carrier oil, 3 drops of roman chamomile essential oil, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil, and 1 drop of ginger essential oil. Mix all these essential oils in a dark glass bottle and apply it to the dog's belly twice to three times daily.
  • As treatment for nausea on long drives, pour a few drops of cardamom essential oil on a piece of cloth and put it near the area where the dog is.

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