Can dogs have Ginger essential oil?

can dogs have ginger essential oilNo



No, ingesting ginger essential oil can cause mild poisoning in dogs. Its usage should only be limited to aromatherapy and topical application. Ginger essential oil acts as a pain reliever and helps alleviate motion sickness in dogs.


  • Although consuming ginger essential oil orally is not safe for dogs, using it topically and in aromatherapy is beneficial to them.
  • Ginger essential oil aids in resolving digestive problems and chest congestion.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties can help dogs with arthritis and relieve joint pains and strains.
  • Ginger essential oil is excellent for dogs with motion sickness.


  • Do not feed ginger essential oil to dogs as it can cause mild toxicity.


  • Use only high-quality therapeutic-grade ginger essential oils on dogs.
  • To help nauseous dogs, mix 3 drops of ginger essential oil with 4 tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 4 drops of peppermint essential oil. Blend well and add a few drops of the solution on a piece of cloth or cotton pad. Place the cloth or cotton near the dog, out of its reach, for one minute.
  • To help with joint pain, blend 5 drops of ginger essential oil with 4 ounces of olive oil, 8 drops of helichrysum essential oil, 4 drops of peppermint essential oil, and 7 drops of valerian essential oil. Add 2-3 drops of the solution into your palms and rub to the affected areas.
  • When using a diffuser, add 1 drop of ginger essential oil to a diffuser or burner and let the dog inhale the vapor. Run the diffuser intermittently when used as a pet aid, 10 minutes at a time, and give it 30 minutes to allow the air to clear after. Do not leave it on for extended periods.

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