Can dogs eat Anchovies?

can dogs eat anchoviesYes


  • Dogs can eat anchovies; anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, which help regulate a dog's blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent heart problems.
  • Anchovies have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve chronic pains and swelling.
  • Anchovies are rich in B vitamins which help keep the dog's skin and coat healthy. They also support brain functions and eye health.
  • Anchovies have tiny soft bones which do not require to be removed.


  • Anchovies contain low mercury levels.
  • Anchovies are usually packed and preserved in oil and salt. High sodium and fatty food can induce various health problems, including pancreatitis, sodium poisoning, and obesity.
  • Marinated and spiced anchovies are off-limits to dogs as these can cause stomach irritation and digestive upset.
  • Small dogs may choke on whole anchovies, so cut the fish into small pieces to avoid choking.
  • Raw anchovies may contain bacteria and parasites.


  • If using fresh anchovies, make sure to cook them thoroughly to kill bacteria and parasites.
  • If using cured anchovies, get the anchovies with low salt content to avoid a spike in your dog's daily sodium intake.

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