Can dogs eat Mushrooms?

can dogs eat mushroomsCaution



The answer depends on the types of mushrooms. Most store-bought mushrooms are safe for dogs and considered a super food for dogs. However, many wild mushroom varieties are poisonous to dogs. Thus, it is recommended to avoid giving wild mushrooms to dogs to avert the dangers of toxicity.


  • Mushrooms contain an abundant amount of amino acids, enzymes, and essential minerals like zinc, iron, and calcium.
  • Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and tumor-fighting abilities. In addition, they are an excellent immune booster for dogs.


  • Mushrooms that grow in the wild are not always safe for dogs. Some wild mushrooms are toxic and may cause neurological issues.
  • Even the least dangerous wild mushrooms can potentially cause stomach upset in dogs.
  • The Amanita species is the most toxic to dogs, and common symptoms include vomiting, tremors or seizures, and kidney failure.
  • Unless you know what you are doing, It's best to keep your dog away from mushrooms that grow in the wild to avoid mushroom poisoning.


  • It is recommended to serve store-bought mushrooms to dogs as they are safer.
  • Mushrooms must be cooked without added seasoning.

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