Can dogs eat Pork trotters?

can dogs eat pork trottersYes



Can dogs eat pork trotters? Yes, pork trotters are rich in essential nutrients, including calcium, iron, and protein. Chewing on pork trotters improves the dental health of dogs. But pork trotters should only be given in moderation as they are high in fat.


  • Pork trotters or pig trotters are composed of bones, marrows, tendons, skins, and meats. All these contain different valuable nutrients such as iron, zinc, and Vitamin B12 for your dog.
  • Pork trotters are high in protein that helps support muscle health. They are also rich in calcium, which promotes bone health.
  • Chewing on pig trotters helps dogs clean their teeth and gums. The trotters are hard and dense, making them great engaging chews.


  • Pork trotters are high in fat and may not be appropriate for dogs with certain health issues such as pancreatitis and obesity.
  • Cooked bones are brittle and splinter that could potentially cause intestinal damage.
  • Pig trotters might cause digestive issues to some dogs, especially young pups and older dogs.
  • There is a risk of Aujeszky's disease in pork that could be fatal to dogs.


  • Source pig trotters locally, from reliable sources only.
  • Give pork trotters to your dog as an occasional treat, especially if your dog is on a complete diet.
  • Dogs that need to lose weight or have issues with fatty food should avoid pig trotters.
  • Avoid giving cooked pig trotters to your dog; raw or air-dried pig trotters treats are safer options.
  • For raw feed, to eliminate and prevent parasites, freeze the meat for 3 weeks before feeding.
  • Always supervise your dog when giving bone treats.

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