Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?

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Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?
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Pancakes are a classic breakfast food many pooches would drool over. Can dogs eat pancakes though?

The short answer is yes. Pancakes are generally safe for dogs, provided that they are served plain. If other ingredients are added to pancakes, watch out, as they can cause various health issues in your dog, from tummy problems to severe poisoning.

Let us explore the most common ingredients used in pancakes and see how safe they are for dogs.

Is Pancake Harmful to Dogs?

Technically, plain pancakes are safe for most dogs to consume. However, due to the essential ingredients of this human food, it would be better for some pooches not to have pancakes regularly.

Let us examine the most common ingredients used in pancakes and their potential side effects on certain dogs.

  • Milk

Many dogs suffer from gastrointestinal distress after consuming dairy products, including milk. Lactose, a natural sugar, and casein, a protein, are both found in dairy and are primarily responsible for these problems.

Several alternatives to dairy milk are sold in the market; however, pet owners must be meticulous. Nut-based milk can trigger allergies in some dogs. Another option is lactose-free milk, but many of these products contain trace amounts of lactose.

  • Wheat Flour

There were a few cases of dogs having allergic reactions to wheat. Although this ingredient is not a prevalent food allergen compared to beef and dairy, it can become a problem for some pooches.

If you are worried about exposing your furry friend to this potential risk, you can swap wheat flour with:

Eggs are one of the most common food allergens in canines. Allergic reactions to this pancake ingredient are caused by the proteins found in the egg yolk.

The immune system of dogs with egg allergies reacts negatively when these proteins enter their bodies.

  • Salt

Salt provides pancakes with its iconic salty sweetness. Not much sodium is needed to make this dessert tasty. Nevertheless, it is still worth mentioning that dogs with kidney problems do not do well with salty food.

  • Sugar

Sugar seems harmless, but it can contribute to countless health issues in dogs. It can exacerbate the condition of obese and diabetic dogs. The same goes for dogs with dental problems such as tooth decay.

Do Not Get Too Whisked Away with Pancake Toppings

can dogs eat pancake 1Generally, the standard pancake batter will not harm your dog unless he has certain food sensitivities or allergies. What can turn pancakes into a very unhealthy or worse, deadly food for dogs is the toppings.

So we listed down popular pancakes toppings and the dangers they pose to dogs:

  • Whipped Cream or Butter

Can dogs eat pancakes with butter or whipped cream? The answer is no. Whipped cream and butter contain too many calories and fats. Both are also dairy products, which can upset some dogs’ stomachs.

Consumption of whipped cream or butter in large quantities can lead to acute pancreatitis. This causes the pancreas to get inflamed due to excessive ingestion of fats.

  • Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips are some of the most deadly pancake toppings to pooches. 2 compounds that are very toxic for dogs can be found in these sweets: theobromine and caffeine.

Small amounts of these are enough to offset poisoning in some canines.

  • Maple Syrup or Honey

Both ingredients are not toxic to dogs but full of sugar and calories. Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is highly toxic to canines, is commonly used in imitation maple syrups.

Hence, it is good for your dog not to eat pancakes drizzled with maple syrup or honey.

  • Nuts

All nuts are loaded with fats, making them some of the least appropriate snacks for dogs. In addition, as mentioned earlier, nuts can trigger allergic reactions in certain dogs.

Most importantly, some nuts, such as macadamia nuts, contain unknown poisonous chemicals that are extremely deadly to dogs.

Many varieties of nuts are also prone to molds and fungal contamination. This causes aflatoxin production, which can poison dogs.

  • Raisins

Raisins and grapes are some of the leading causes of toxicity in dogs. Ingesting this fruit, whether dried or fresh, can result in severe dehydration and sudden kidney failure.

What Types of Pancakes Can Dogs Eat Safely?

can dogs eat pancake 3Creating pancakes is fun since you can mix and match various ingredients and toppings. Unfortunately, although these are safe for humans, some are far from dog-friendly. Thus, we will help you figure out which pancakes are safe for dogs to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes with Peanut Butter?

Yes, dogs can eat pancakes with peanut butter. However, make sure that the peanut butter is unsweetened and free from xylitol. Since peanut butter is relatively high in fats, only slather a small amount on your dog’s portion of pancake.

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes with Cinnamon?

Yes, pancakes with cinnamon are safe for dogs to eat in moderation. Keep in mind that consuming too much spice can result in problems in the digestive system.

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes with Vanilla Extract?

No. Do not feed your dog pancakes with vanilla extract. It has large alcohol concentrations, which is difficult for canines to break down. This can lead to alcohol poisoning.

Can Dogs Eat Banana Pancakes?

Yes, banana pancakes are safer and healthier for dogs. Pancakes made with blueberries, apples, and strawberries are good for them as well. Just make sure to limit their consumption since fruits contain sugar.

What Happens If a Dog Eats Pancake Mix?

can dogs eat pancake 4If the pancake mix does not contain chocolate or xylitol, the worst that can happen to your dog is experiencing stomach problems. Vomiting, flatulence, and diarrhea may occur along with it.

Let him fast for around 24 hours to help his stomach settle. However, allow him to have a small sip of water to prevent dehydration.

Once you are done withholding his food for a day, feed him a bland meal, commonly composed of plain boiled rice and lean parts of the chicken.

Note that if his tummy trouble does not stop after 24 hours, you should bring him to the vet for treatment. If the pancake mix your dog has consumed has chocolate or xylitol, seek vet care for your dog immediately.

How Many Pancakes Can Your Share with Your Dog?

Plain pancakes in moderation are unlikely to harm your furry pal. Do not go overboard with this in mind, even if it is Pancake Day. A single small pancake is the maximum amount that you can feed your dog.

But the size of the pancake should also match your dog’s size. So if you have a small-sized pooch, his pancake should also be small.

Pancakes have low nutritional value, so do not make them a regular part of his diet. Like most dog treats, these should only be served from time to time.

dog treat recipesHomemade Dog-friendly Pancake Recipe

Why feed your beloved pooch your leftover pancakes when you can make dog-friendly pancakes just for him? Just follow this quick and easy recipe.

can dogs eat pancake 2

Banana Apple Pancakes


  • 1 cup mashed banana
  • 2 large eggs
  • ⅓ cup grated apple
  • 1–2 spoonfuls of unsweetened, xylitol-free peanut butter
  • ⅓ cup whole wheat flour


  1. Place the egg, grated apple, peanut butter, and mashed banana in a large bowl. Mix until properly combined.
  2. Pour the whole wheat flour into the wet ingredients. Whisk until all of them are well-incorporated.
  3. Transfer 3 tablespoons of pancake batter to a nonstick pan.
  4. Cook over medium heat for about 2 minutes on each side or until both sides are golden brown.
  5. Let the banana apple pancakes completely cool down before serving your dog.

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