Can dogs eat Chicken bones?

can dogs eat chicken bonesYes



Can dogs eat chicken bones? Yes, chicken bones contain lean protein. They are also a good source of calcium and phosphorous. But chicken bones must be served raw to dogs, as cooked bones can easily break to sharp pieces and cause choking and mouth and intestinal injuries.


  • Chicken bones are high in valuable nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which dogs need to maintain healthy bones. These bones are packed with low-fat protein, which is good for the muscles.
  • Chicken bones are rich in Omega 6 fatty acids and as well as glucosamine. These nutrients are excellent in keeping a dog's coat, bones, and joints healthy.
  • Raw chicken bones are ideal for dogs as they are soft and chewy. Unlike cooked bones, they are not brittle and do not splinter.
  • Chewing on chicken bones can stimulate dogs both mentally and physically. It does not only prevent boredom; it helps clean their teeth and gums. Chewing also exercises dogs' jawbones.


  • Cooked chicken bones can splinter and cause injury to a dog's mouth.
  • Chicken bones can cause gastrointestinal obstruction and rectal bleeding.


  • Raw feeders give raw chicken carcasses to their dogs as part of the raw diet.
  • Give your dog raw chicken carcasses from organic or free-range chickens.
  • Serve only raw chicken bones as cooked bones are dangerous to dogs.

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