Can dogs eat Rib bones?

can dogs eat rib bonesCaution



Can dogs eat rib bones? Yes, rib bones are a rich source of iron and zinc. However, giving rib bones to your dog comes with risks. It’s not recommended to give cooked rib bones because they can splinter or fragment. Rib bones should only be given as an occasional treat.


  • Rib bones have significant amounts of iron and zinc, which are essential minerals that help supply oxygen to cells and tissues.
  • Rib bones contain vitamin B12 which keeps the nervous system healthy. They also have vitamin D which helps absorb and use calcium effectively to keep bones and teeth healthy.


  • Cooked or raw rib bones can splinter into shards which can injure your dog's mouth, throat, and intestine. They are also a choking hazard when they get too small for dogs to chew.
  • Rib bones are not suitable for puppies and older dogs with dental issues.
  • Raw bones can harbor bacteria that can make dogs ill.


  • Give air-dried or freeze-dried rib bones occasionally as a treat.
  • When using raw rib bones, make sure to source from a reliable supplier of grass-fed healthy livestock.

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